Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ani and Beau walk Where is your horse not responding?

"Is you horse really listening to you?  How can you be sure?  Now you can watch as we take the time to see if these riders are using their aids in ways their horses can really understand"

At first when we started this exercise, both the riders and horses were now sure what was happening.  It was not that what they were doing was new... instead it was the timing of the aids to using the rein and leg aids on the side where the horse is stepping off the ground with the hind foot on that side.  It sounds complicated at first, but is easily felt as the rider becomes more aware if when their horse is really listening to their aids or not.  As a result, both the horse and rider connect more at different levels. Now you can watch as Trudy and Susan practice the timing of their aids at the walk.

What do you see happening?