Thursday, November 20, 2014

Are you riding through your elbows or hands?

 "Are you ready to ride your horse more from your seat and legs?  Now you can watch these riders as they go though the process of becoming aware of if they are riding more from their hands or elbows while asking their horses to stay more connected for the first time."

In this session we focus on a common issue for many riders. They are not sure how to connect more with the horse from their seat and legs at the same time that they are focused on keeping a connection with the reins. This is a step in the training process that those who ride their horse in balance all seem to have to go through. It sounds so easy... but does not make sense until you finally feel it in your riding position and in the connection you have with the horse. This was from our Green Horse Class and was from a few years ago when we were first starting to connect these horses and riders.