Monday, November 17, 2014

Stretching for the first time! Cooling down with the stretchy walk. Dres...

"What if you... could finally understand how to get your horse to do a stretchy walk?  Now you can see what we do with Trudy as she asks Melody to stretch at the walk"

This is Trudy Adams on Melody.  This was a break through session as it was at the beginning when we were first asking Melody to stretch into the reins.  This was very difficult for Melody at the time of this filming as she had just started to let go in her mind and body. Finally, she was beginning to relax. We had been trotting  and are using the stretchy walk to cool Melody down. Now, we ask that Trudy keeps Melody under her seat and connected as she focuses on doing the same exercise on a longer rein. This is not as easy as Trudy makes it look. The stretchy walk is much more difficult to keep a horse under the riders seat and connected as the result of a longer rein.  Trudy is now much more aware of when Melody is really under her seat and leg/aids. Melody is still not sure, but is now more willing to allow Trudy to "drive her" from her back end intstead of steering from the front. As a result, Melody is much lighter on the reins and more responsive to Trudy's seat and legs.