Thursday, November 6, 2014

How to connect your riding position for a half halt. #3 The magic of the...

"What is a "half halt" They really do not make sense, until a rider feels them through their riding position and when the horse responds to them. Now you can see what happens with this rider as we focus on what she is doing with her riding position and reins"

Now, thanks to the neck strap, Lisa is more aware of how to use her riding position for a half halt. Lisa's first "Ah ha" moment came when she realized how often she had been dropping, pulling or leaning on the reins, instead of adjusting her riding position, when she has been doing a half halt. Like most riders who try this awareness technique, Lisa was surprised when she felt how a half halt should feel in her riding position. She also felt the difference in how Sonyador responded to them. In this session you will be able to watch as Lisa learns how to use the half halt to get Sonyador in front of her legs/aids and taking up a connection through the reins. 

Can you see the changes that are happening with Lisa and Sonyador? Are you ready to try this yet?