Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Are you riding from your seat and legs? #2 Trot walks. The neck strap. D...

"What if... you have been leaning on the reins when you use them.  How can you tell and how does your doing this effect your horse?"

 This is part 2 where we focus on the walk trot transitions and changes of direction. Lisa is holding the reins and is using a neck strap. This was a big break through for Lisa as she became aware of when she was leaning on the reins to balance her riding position, and she felt how her riding position was not staying connected to Sonyador as she was riding.  Now you can see the changes that happens in both Lisa's riding position and Sonyador's movement.  Tomorrow I will share how to use the neck strap so that you can finally... understand how a half halt should feel.

Even though using a neck strap sounds a little strange, you will be amazed at how much it can teach you about how you are using your riding position and the reins.  Are you ready to try it yet?