Sunday, November 23, 2014

The timing of the rider's aids at the walk. The steps. #1 Dressage Trai...

"The timing of the riders aids at the walk.  Is your horse hearing what you want them to do?"

In this session I ask Trudy to really become aware of when Melody is listening to her aids. These are the steps that she is using. 1) First Trudy needs to be aware of when Melody's hind foot is off the ground.  2) Melody needs to soften her her jaw. 3) Melody will flex her neck (so the muscle falls to the outside) 4) Trudy aids her inside calve muscle to see if Melody is responding to her leg by shifting her weight to the outside.  5) Next, we add the outside rein and leg to soften Melody's poll.  Sounds easy right?  Watch to see how what we are doing makes a difference in how Melody is responding to Trudy's aids.  What was must interesting is that by asking Trudy to say words as she is riding that it is easier for her to time when she is using her aids.