Friday, November 7, 2014

How to connect your riding position for a half halt.#1 The magic of the ...

"What if... you could finally understand how a half halt works on a horse when you are using your riding position the right way"

Half halts are a mystery to so many riders.  The fact is, until you feel them in your riding position, and your horse responds to your change in position, you may not really know what they are or what they can do for communicating more effectively to your horse. Beau is ready for a higher level of balance and connection and it is time for Susan to refine her half halts.  All Susan is doing is holding the neck strap with her hands like they are the reins.  When she feels the neck strap getting tight in her hands she knows her seat has slid back in the saddle. This is usually a result of a horse dropping their back and going behind the aids.  It is time for a halt halt!  Now you can watch as Susan begins to ride Beau more from her seat and legs instead of the reins at the walk and halts.

How are your half halts?  Are you sure they are working?