Sunday, November 9, 2014

How to connect your riding position for a half halt. #2 The magic of the...

"What if... there was a way that you could improve your rising/posting trot and your horses movement at the same time?  There is!  Try the neck strap"

Here we move up into the trot work. Now that we have added the neck strap, it is easier for Susan to feel when she is in the right place with her riding position for the posting/rising trot and to focus on feeling the  half halt at the trots. All we want Beau to do is to track up (step into the hoof print of his front foot, or in front of it, with his back hoof print)  as Susan focuses on what she is doing with her riding position. This is the first time we have let Beau go on such a long rein and he is not sure what to think about it. It takes about 3 mins before Beau starts responding more to Susan's seat and legs. As a result, he starts moving better!

Can you see the changes happening?  Are you ready to try the neck strap?

(This should only be done in an enclosed area on a safe horse)