Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Canter/trot transitions. What are you doing with your riding position? H...

"What happens to your riding position and lower legs when you are cantering?"

Most riders either stand on their toes, or have the tendency to raise their seats out of the saddle when they ride a transition of or down into the canter.  Have you noticed if you do this?"

Now you can watch what happens as I focus on what Camille has been doing with here lower legs and seat. We start with her feeling if she is standing on her toes, instead of stretching into her calf muscle. Next, we focus on what she is doing at the canter as she changes to a trot and back up into the canter where she is standing in her irons and lifting her seat, instead of following Polo's movements   Watch what happens as both of them start to connect at a new level.