Friday, November 28, 2014

Timing your aids at the walk. The beginning steps. #1 Group. Dressage ...

"Did you know... that your aids (legs and hands) should be timed with the horse's movement for a better connection?  Check out this video to watch how these two horses and riders change as they focus on the timing of their aids"

In this session we have two riders, Trudy Adams on Ani and Susan Faulkner Evans on Beau.  In this walk session we focus on how the riders should be using their aids, while keeping in rhythm with their horses feet.  This is where the timing of the aids or so important. Now you can see the step by step process that you can use get your horse to listen more to your aids and as a result, be more comfortable to ride and easier to influence.

What do you see changing?  Have you been able to try this on your horse yet?