Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The timing of the riders aids. #3 Adding the thigh to influence the shou...

Would you like to improve your lateral work or have more control of your horse's shoulders? It's time to add your thigh! This is #3 the timing of the rider's aids"

We have covered the timing of the aids at the walk and trot so that we can feel when the horse is responding to our aids with the rein and legs on straight lines and curves. Now, we are ready to focus on how to influence the shoulders or front of the horse by adding our thigh in time with the horses movement. To do this, you will add your thigh to the aids. Trudy has never used her thigh before (as an aid) and you will be able to watch her work through the process and see how it effects Melody. This is especially important if your are riding lateral movements or would like to have more control of your horses shoulder.

Have you tried timing your aids with the horses movements yet?