Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Canter. The timing of the aids. Dressage tips Riding Instruction

"When should you be using your reins and legs at the canter?  Have you ever thought about the timing of your aids?  Now you can watch what happens with Susan and Beau"

Many riders are not sure when to use their aids when their horse is cantering.  The right time is when the horses inside hind (on the lead) is off the ground. Of course, this may not make a lot of sense until you see if first.  Now you can watch how this works with Susan and Beau.  This was an exciting session as Ani went into serious "fright mode" after seeing a monster on the fence. (This is not her home)  Since the sun was shining behind it, who knows what she really saw, but she was really afraid. This also effected Beau who knew there had to be some reason for Ani to be so afraid and he begins to look for monsters. Susan continues to keep his attention with her aids by adding simple lead changes to make sure he is listening to her aids.  At first she has to really ask him to soften his jaw with a stronger rein to get him to pay attention, than Beau gets back to connecting and does some of his best canter work ever.

Have you thought about your timing of aids as you are cantering?  Try this and see what it can do for you and your horse.