Monday, November 24, 2014

The timing of the rider's aids at the trot. The steps. #2 Dressage tips

"The trot. Have you ever felt like your horse was not listening to what you are asking with your reins and legs?  You are not alone.  What if what is happening is as simple as not knowing when to use your reins and legs?"

In this session Trudy becomes even more aware of how important the timing of her aids are with Melody.  First, Trudy needs to know when Melody's hind leg is off the ground. That is when Trudy will use her hand and or leg aids on what ever side she is focusing on.  To do this, Trudy asks Melody to "soften to the rein" by closing her fingers to feel when Melody "unlocks" her jaw and neck muscles. From there Trudy is ready to check if Melody is also soft on the outside rein. This is the rein that adjust where Melody's poll is and also unlocks the neck and back of the horse. This is when Trudy is ready to see if Melody is listening to her lower leg at the same time as she is using her rein aid. By the end of this session, Trudy is able to balance Melody softly between her reins and legs both side to side (laterally) and from the back to the front.  

Can you see the changes that have happened with Melody?