Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How to fix your lower leg position at the trot. Riding instructor

"What if... you could finally find a way to get your lower leg to stay where it is supposed to be while you are riding the trot.  Is it possible?"

Now you can watch what I did with Camille to help her become aware of when she was standing on her toes in the irons instead of letting the weight of her riding position sink into her heels. This is a common riding challenge for many riders at all levels.  First Camille needs to become aware of what she has been doing, than we focus on how she can do to find the correct position. 

Are you ready to improve your lower leg position?  Tell us how this techniques make a difference for what you are doing. 
As always, we do not edit what we show you.  This way, you can see what happens to real horses and riders as they go through the training process.