Monday, December 1, 2014

Trot. Ani and Beau. Balancing between the inside and outside aids

"A trotting we will go... a trotting we will go... How the timing of your rein and leg aids can make everything smoother"

We are back with Trudy Adams on Ani and Susan Faulkner Evans on Beau. In this session we focus on the timing of the riders aids at the trot. Ani needs to slow down (on this day...) and stay connected with Trudy. Meanwhile, Beau decides its time for a holiday. Susan is riding him on a longer rein, (always asking for some type rein connection) and is checking to see where his favorite places are to lock up in his jaw, poll and neck. Since he likes to go behind the vertical we have added the outside rein and leg to position his poll. We start doing that in this video. We will be using that technique more now. 

What do you feel about the timing of the aids for riders now? Can you see how they make a difference?