Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Canter. Staying soft and waiting for the first time! Timing of the Rid...

"Balancing your horses canter.  When is it time? Now you can see what happens as Trudy asks Ani to stay connected at the canter for the first time!"

This was an exciting session as Trudy takes Ani to the next level of connection in her canter. In the past we have let Ani canter pretty much like any green horse does. Her nose was out and all we wanted was for her to to stay relaxed, keep cantering, and go in the direction we pointed her at. Now it is time for to take Ani to the next level in her canter. We want her to balance between Trudy's rein and leg aids. Lucky you to be able to watch what happens... I was happy to catch this on video as I know that most riders may never have seen what a horse looks like when it is moving into a new balance and connection.