Saturday, December 20, 2014

How to keep your horse straight by adding your lower legs. Walk. Dressag...

"Are you ready to finally... ask your horse to stay connected from your seat and legs at the walk?  What does that mean?"

There comes a time when a rider and horse are ready to go to a new level of balance and communication. This is Trudy's horse Melody.  Melody had some serious issues in the past. It has taken us several years to bring her  to this point and now it it is time to ask her to connect between Trudy's rein and leg aids. We would like her to "round up, connect, get packaged"  (there are so many words for this). This is still new to Melody and is the perfect opportunity for you to watch what happens when a rider first begins to ask a horse to connect between the reins and the legs of the riders.