Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Trot/Canter. Timing of the Rider's lower leg. Week 2. Moving the haunche...

"What if... you could improve your horse's canter by adding your lower leg?  Now you can watch to see how Susan is able to bring Beau to a new level of connection and balance at the trot and canter"

Watching Susan's progress with Beau has been fun.  As you know, Beau came to us with a few issues...  but now, you can barely see them!  In this session we focus on improving the quality of Beau's canter.  In the past, his tendency has been to be a little 'heavy" on the forehand at times, he was also a little "lateral" in this canters. As you can see, he is now much more consistent and is looking like a 2nd Level Dressage horse more every day.  

What have you been learning from Susan and Beau this past year?  How have they made a difference for you?