Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Timing of the aids.Walk.Thigh for shoulders. Ani goes into fear Mode. Ho...

All of a sudden, out of no where appeared, a cat in the sunlight... on a fence, We started this session with a focus on the riders adding their thigh muscle (inside) to have more control and influence over the horses shoulders. We had a slight detour with Ani going into fear mode, but Trudy knew what to do with that situation and so Susan and I continued the concept with Beau" 

This is from the "Timing of the Rider's Aids series. We start this session by checking to see if the riders could feel their horses listening to either their rein or leg aids. It was during this time that Ani decided to show us what a horse looks like that is not "softening at the jaw" or "softening to the rein connection" Meanwhile, Susan continues focusing on Beau and his responses to the rein and aids. Susan is aware of when Beau is locking up his jaw or poll, she can also feel how his next reaction is to drop his poll and go behind the vertical with his nose, It's time for a different sequence of aids. We are going to teach Beau to keep his poll up with the outside rein and leg. Watch what happens in this session as both of these riders and their horses get through some pretty interesting challenges.