Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Trot. Steps to Connection. Asking your horse to connect the back end to ...

"Oh what fun it is to see... horses connecting at the trot (on the aids, rounding up, packaging, coming through) at the beginning of that process"

It is week 3 of "Steps to Connection" and the timing of the aids.  In this session you will see what Susan is doing to encourage Beau to keep connected at the trot. The first week Beau was not so sure what was going on as Susan asked him to stay connected and in balance (at a new level) between her leg and rein aids.  Now you can see that Beau is listening more to Susan's aids and is "in front of or on her aids" more often. This was an exciting session as Beau is starting to move differently at the trot.  Can you see how much spring (impulsion) he is now showing while tracking up? (hind feet stepping in front of or into the hoof print of the front foot on the same side)