Sunday, April 26, 2015

Straightness in Warm up Trot. On the bit, on the aids. Connecting for the 5th time!

"Staying straight in the warm up trot. What if... your horse is wobbling all over on straight lines and on circles?  Would you like to know how to show your horse to stay straighter  by using using your leg and rein aids? This is only the 5th session where we have asked this horse to stay connected like this"

Once a horse is past the "green horse phase" we are ready to take them to the next level of connection. In this session we are warming up at the trot. After a few times around we go right to connecting. This was the first time we have asked Ani to connect from Trudy's legs to the rein in the warm up.  To do this we are using the Steps to Connection. Trudy begins by checking to see if Ani was staying supple (soft, yielding) to her rein connection. Next she makes sure that Ani is really responding to her leg which causes Ani to arch her neck slightly as she lifts her back. We continue by adding curves so that Trudy can feel how to use her leg and rein aids on the same side to keep Ani from falling in and out on a circle.  It was a great ride!  In the next session we continue with what happened when we added leg yields and shoulder in's from the center line.

Can you see how this process works?  Are you ready to try the Steps to Connection on your horse?  Let us know how it works for you!.