Saturday, April 11, 2015

"On the bit" A new level of contact with the Shoulder in and Haunches in...

"Can you keep your horse "on the bit" (contact) while riding the shoulder in or renvers (Haunches in) ? It's not as easy as it might sound. Now you can watch what happens as this horse and rider connect at a new level"

This was such an exciting session for us. Beau is finally allowing Susan to take up the contact while she is schooling him, even in the lateral shoulder in and renvers.  We were not able to do this even last year as Beau simply did not want to go "on the bit"  He would keep his head where we wanted and even stretch... but, he very seldom would let Susan take up a feel of his mouth and ask him to step into it from her leg and seat.  Now you can see the difference and see the process we used.  We are very excited with this new connection and how nicely Beau has matured.

What did you learn from watching this series?  Do you have a better understanding of what contact and "on the bit" means?