Monday, April 13, 2015

Contact with a horse that roots on the reins. 2nd year. Walk Trot S4 H...

"What if... your horse is rooting on the reins (pulling you out of the saddle with the reins) what can you do about it?  Now you can watch Susan as she continues to work through Darrien's issues with contact and staying connected"

Darrien's back!  He has been in rehab this winter and has now been cleared for riding. Some of you might remember him from last year when Susan added him to her herd. Darrien came with a few issues. One of them was rooting on the reins. It was pretty serious and when ever Susan asked him to do anything lateral to the left he would "root" pulling her out of the saddle, rear and bolt. For that first year we kept him in his double bridle (he competes in Prix St George and Intermediate 1) just for safety. We started him in the snaffle bit towards the end last year and hope to compete in it this year. As you will see, he is still rooting but it is much better now. In this session Susan asks him to stay on contact by keeping him connected from her seat and legs.  Even though Darrien will show all kinds of behavior to avoid that connection it is good for you to see as this is what other horses might also be doing who tend to root. 

A horse that roots can be a problem. Now you can watch what we are doing to help Darrien get past that issue and move forward in his training progress.. It will take time and now that he is being ridden again you will see the changes happening right here.