Sunday, April 19, 2015

Rein Contact at the Trot. Are you bumping the horse in the mouth at the rising trot? (starting on t...

"Contact with the reins at the trot. If you are like many riders, they are bumping your horses mouth. What can you do to make your rein connection lighter and start getting your horse "on the bit" or "on the aids?"

A common issue for riders is that in the rising trot, is that they are unconsciously leaning on the reins to support their riding position. In fact, any trot work is where many riders find it difficult to keep an even connection on both sides of the reins. Now you can watch what happens with Trudy as she focuses on her rein connection at the trot.

What do your hands do when you are trotting your horse? Are you ready to practice keeping them lighter?