Thursday, April 9, 2015

Contact at the trot. What does on the bit really mean? S4 horse training

What if... you really do not understand what contact or "on the bit" really means?  You are not alone.  Many other riders are also confused with the concept"

Now you can watch as Susan rides Beau to a new level of "on the bit"  In the past Beau has often looked like he is on contact, yet the reins were often slack and a little loopy. That is where he felt comfortable. Now that Susan is competing him in 2nd level that is no longer acceptable.  Beau needs to stay on the contact with a steady rein. Now you can watch what happens as Susan becomes aware of how Beau is communicating through the reins. This is the first time we have focused on asking Beau to keep the rein connection "alive" as Susan asks him to step up into the contact from behind.

What kind of contact is your horse allowing you to take?  Did you learn anything from watching what Susan is now doing to get Beau to take up a different level of contact and connection?