Thursday, April 2, 2015

Keeping a hot nervous horse connected at the walk trot. 4th time. S4 Ho...

"Do you have a hot/nervous/complicated horse? You will love watching what happens between this horse and rider. Of course, these techniques will work for any horse..."

This is Trudy and Melody. Melody was a mess when I first met her. She had come back from a trainer and was what I would consider, unsafe. She paced at the walk and rushed around like a rabbit in the trot. Her canter was even worse, she was unable to hold the lead behind and would run like a race horse. Mouth open, tense and unresponsive. It has taken us 3 years to get her to this point. She still has a few issues, like Mockingbirds, but as you can see is now connecting with Trudy and responding to the aids. We are thrilled with the changes that are happening now. This is the 4th time we have been able to ask Melody to stay connected between Trudy's leg aids and the reins.

Are you ready to focus more on the connection you have with your horse? It may not take you as long, or it might, but since most of us love our horses it is really you that will make the choice to focus on the basics.