Friday, April 24, 2015

Bad horse. My horse is bucking and running out of the ring. What should ...

"What if... your horse starts to buck or threaten you with behavior that could be dangerous to you? What should you do?"

In my career with horses I have seen riders who felt they had to ride a horse through anything.  Myself included.  When I started coaching professionals I realized that there were a lot of people getting hurt, or worse... who thought they had to ride a horse through every issue.  This changed me forever.  I realized that a riders safety must come first and that in many situations it is better for the rider to get off and do something on the ground with the horse than for them to try to ride that horse through what could become a very bad situation.  During the time of this filming Trudy's horse, Ani, had just started being ridden.  She was about 6 months under saddle and very opinionated.  She wanted to be back in the herd and wanted nothing to do with the riding ring.  She wad having temper tantrums and had started bucking, rearing and running out of the ring.  Even though Trudy was used to green horse behavior I knew that if Ani learned she could intimate a rider, that she was going to get much worse. In this session you will see that I ask Trudy to dismount and lunge Ani when ever she started acting up. Which as you can see, was beginning to happen often. It took us a month to get past this stage in Ani's behavior, but we did it safely.

What do you do when your horse acts up?  Have you thought about doing something different when they do?