Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Contact. How to connect your seat to the reins. Riding from your elbows Part #1

"Are you confused when you hear that you should be riding more from your seat and legs to get your horse "on the aids" or "on the bit?"  You are not alone.  Now you can see an exercise I use to show riders how to ride more from their elbows which connects the rein contact to their seat"

When a rider, like Camille in this video, first start connecting with a horse they really do not know what to do.  It is easy to hear the words, but not so easy to get the feeling of being connected.  Now you can see what happens as Camille becomes aware of how to ride Polo (the first time for both of them) so that he is under her seat at the halt and walk. This is a result of the connection from her hands, though her elbows and seat bones.  (and lower, but that will take a little more practice)  In this series you will see Polo transform his movement.  You will also see Camille's seat and riding position change as she becomes more aware of how to keep Polo connected under her seat.

You can practice this on your horse by having some one stand near the front of your horse and holding the reins.  You will be surprised at how much you can feel where the reins are really coming from in your riding position.  Try it and let us know what you experience.