Friday, April 3, 2015

Keeping a hot nervous horse connected at the walk halt. #2 4th lesson. ...

"What if... you have a hot or nervous horse?  Do you feel like you will never be able to connect with it?  You are not alone. Now you can see what Trudy is doing to keep Melody’s  attention and keep her connected to Trudy’s aids (as much as possible)  in the walk and trots"

 Trudy is cooling Melody down after our first session and it is the perfect time for her  to really become aware of when Melody is connecting or disconnecting with her. Trudy can feel  Melody disconnect at the walk and trots as she  starts looking around mentally and physically drops her back and connection between Trudy's leg aids and the rein contact.  Now you can see how we use half halts and the Steps to Connection to keep them connected.  This is the 4th lesson where Melody has allowed Trudy to keep her connected like this.  These techniques work even for horses that do not have these issues.

Can you see what you can do to keep your hot/nervous horse more connected?