Saturday, April 25, 2015

How are you using your reins and legs? Is your horse really supple? What do you need to know?

What are you doing with your lower leg when you use it? Many riders hold their legs on the horses side consistently when they are using their legs. This is what causes a horse to become numb to the riders legs. Other riders hold the rein consistently and forget to supple or soften the horses jaw and poll as they are riding.  What about you?"

In this session we focus on how Trudy is using her lower legs and hands to connect to Ani.  To do this we focus on the Steps to Connection so that Trudy is always asking herself if Ani is soft on the reins in her jaw and at the poll. From there I ask Trudy to feel when Ani is not staying between her legs on a circle or curves. This is a big change for Ani and the 5th ride where we have asked her to stay connected between Trudy's legs and rein connection. In the next sessions we continue with the trot work and connecting at the canter for the 3rd time.

The next time you go out and ride, check to see, how are you using your lower legs to connect with your horse?  Can you balance your horse between your legs and reins so that you can keep them from falling in and out of circles?  Tell us what you are experiencing.