Monday, April 20, 2015

The basics of contact with a new rider. Is your horse supple? #1 S1 Ridi...

"Teaching a new rider how to supple a horse through the reins. You have heard that term, "supple your horse" but may not be sure what it means. Many riders become aware of when their horse is supple by feeling when their horse softens its jaw, poll or neck by releasing to the pressure of the rein. This is a confusing concept especially when your horse may not have any idea what it means. Now you can watch what happens with a horse and rider who have never done this process before find out how it can work"

During this time Polo had the tendency to "root" on the reins and pull Camille out of the saddle. Instead of using the word supple I showed her how to feel when Polo was locking up on the reins, or unlocking them and allowing her to influence his head position with an elastic feel on the reins. At first, Camille is not sure what to do or even how much to do. Polo was also not sure how to respond. Now you can watch what happens as they connect at a different level. As a result, Polo becomes more submissive to Camille. This is from 2012