Friday, April 10, 2015

"Contact at the canter. What does"on the bit" feel like?" S4 Riding in...

What is meant by riding a horse "on contact" or "on the bit?"  This is a mysterious concept that many riders are not sure about.  Now you can watch what happens as this rider asks her horse to stay connected and on the contact at the canter"

This was a big day for Susan and Beau.  It was the first time we have really asked Beau to stay on the contact.  Especially at the canter.  He would much prefer to be on a looser rein but now that he is showing in 2nd level needs to have a consistent contact.  We were very happy with the results.  By the end of this video you will see that he is starting to except the contact as he steps forward from behind into the rein.  He is finally starting to seek the contact!

Can you see the changes that are happening?  Beau is starting to like the training process!  He is still working through issues but those are the kind that any rider might have that is working on this level of connection with their horse.