Saturday, April 4, 2015

Canter. Keeping a hot nervous horse connected for the 2nd time! S4. Hors...

"Is it possible to keep a hot or nervous horse connected at the canter?  Now you can watch as Trudy asks Melody, a horse with a history of issues that also include being hot and nervous, begin to connect at the canter  for the 2nd time."

It has taken us several years to get Melody to this point and we were thrilled when she responded to Trudy asking her to stay on the bit and connected at the canter.  Of course, since it is new to Melody she could only hold it a few strides, but each stride was like a miracle for us.  Now you can watch the process Trudy went through and how she is using half halts and the Steps to Connection to keep Melody's attention and to make a difference in her balance.

Those who have been watching the progress of Melody know what an achievement this is.  This gives hope to anyone who has a hot or nervous horse who may feel their horse may never be able to connect.