Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Canter. Connecting for the 3rd time! On the bit/on the aids. S4. Dressag...

"Contact at the canter. 3rd time! What happens when a horse is asked to take contact at the canter?  It's a new game and now you can watch the progress that happens as Trudy asks Ani to stay connected and on the aids for the 3rd time at the canter"

This is such an exciting time for Trudy. Ani is now ready to be ridden on contact (on the aids, on the bit) at the canter!  In the past Trudy has been allowing Ani to canter like a green horse on a loose rein and with her head up. Now, Trudy is thinking about competing in dressage and it is time to go to the next level.  Contact and connection at all the gaits.  The hardest for most riders being the canter. (with a green horse or any horse that is new to contact)  Now you can watch what happens as Trudy asks Ani to stay connected.  This is only the 3rd session that we have done this at the canter and the perfect video for you to watch if you are taking your horse or a student, through this process.

What did you learn about connecting a horse that is new to contact at the canter?  Does it make you feel better about the progress you might be having with your horses to do the same thing?