Thursday, July 23, 2015

Are you connecting your horse in the warm up? Would you like to watch how we warm up at the walk and trot?

"The warm up is all about connecting a horse and rider. Would you like to see what a typical warm up at the walk and trot look like for us?  

As you will see, we take our warm up time pretty seriously, well... maybe not so seriously but we do make a lot of changes to keep that special time more interesting for both the horse and the rider. You might notice that we do not stay on the outside of the ring, or continue doing the same circles over and over again.  During this warm up session at the walk/trot we focus on activity of the hind feet, the connection of the reins, Trudy's riding position and much more.  To do this we are using circles, serpentine's, straight lines and changes of gait.

Does this warm up give you any new ideas that you can use for your horse?  Try them and tell us how it works for you.