Friday, July 3, 2015

Trots. The Magic of the Metronome for better rhythm and balance S3 Dres...

"How to Improve a Horse's Trot with the Metronome. Another blast from the past that will improve your horses gaits and make them more comfortable to ride"

It's amazing what a metronome can do for a horses balance. By finding the right rhythm we can improve the gaits of a horse, which also makes them more comfortable to ride. If you are showing, the judges will notice the difference between a horse with regular gaits, and one that is going in and out of rhythm. It shows in how the horse uses its legs! In this session, Susan Faulkner Evans is focusing on the trot rhythm. As you will see, the quality of Beau's gaits gets better. I find these metronomes that attach to the riders on Ebay for under $10. Are you ready to invest in your success? (This video was from 2013 when Susan and Beau competed in the USDF Nationals in the AA Training Level Championships where they earned 4th place out of 24 of the top Regional Champions in the USA)
Have you ever thought of using a metronome or playing music (with the right rhythm) to improve your horses gaits?