Tuesday, July 7, 2015

2 horses 2 levels. Connecting at the walk. Activity and rein connection ...

"Oh what fun it is to watch... 2 riders working with 2 horses of different levels at the walk. Now you can watch what we do to connect both of them. This is a fast moving segment where you will see how much we keep changing the training exercises for both horses. Watch what happens as we practice stretching, adding more activity, keeping the horses backs up, lateral movements (we are adding the beginnings) the half pass and more!"

You might be surprised to see how many different movements and changes we do in our walk work. There is no time for either the horses or the riders to get bored as we are always trying new movements while improving the quality of their walks. ( Notice that the riders are never "stuck" in a circle or sticking to the outside of the rail as they are riding) Susan and Beau are competing in 1st and 2nd level dressage, Trudy and Ani are competing in Training level. 

What are you doing while you are riding the walk? Are you one of those riders who simply lets there horse walk around without a purpose? Can you see how your session can be more fun for both you and your horse by doing different movements and asking for a little more than you think they might be able to do?