Saturday, July 4, 2015

Trots. Connecting the back end to the front. The beginnings of "on the a...

"You want me to do what? Asking a horse to step up into the connection (contact) of the reins for the first time. What could happen when you first ask your horse to do this? Now you can watch as Trudy asks Ani to stay "on the bit" instead of going on a loose rein"

This video was taken when Trudy first asked Ani to stay connected. Like any horse new to being connected from the riders legs into the rein connection (on the aids/on the bit/in front of the aids) Ani is not sure what is happening. In fact, she is not sure she even likes this new way of riding as Trudy has been riding her on a longer, looser rein and now is asking her to "step up" and into the connection of her reins. This is how a horse moves up in its training and begins to "round up" or "go on the aids." What you will see is what happens with many horses who are going through this part of the training process.

What did you learn from watching Trudy and Ani that you can use on your horse?