Monday, July 6, 2015

2 horses 2 levels. Trot. Connecting in the warm up windy, rainy day S4 ...

"Would you like to see 2 horses at 2 different levels warming up at the trot? Check out the difference in how these riders are warming up their horses with some of the same exercises and some that are different. How does this compare with how you warm up your horse?"

Everyone loves watching our group lessons with Susan on Beau (1st and 2nd level dressage) and Trudy with Ani (training level). In this session they are warming up together on a very windy, rainy day. The horses are not thrilled that they are out in this weather and would rather be out in the fields than in the ring. Trudy is focusing on keeping Ani connected (on the bit/on the aids) for maybe the 8th or 9th time and Susan is working on keeping Beau active with his throat latch open. As for me, I am trying out a new camcorder. You will notice that it might go all over at times as I learn how it works. Many riders seem to just go "ring around the rosie" in circles and on the outside of the ring all the time. As you can see, our horses and riders are going all over the ring as they practice many different ways of connecting with their horses. This makes the training process more interesting for everyone.

What are you doing in your warm ups? Are you ready to challenge yourself and your horse to connect a little sooner?