Monday, July 13, 2015

Keeping a horse against the out side rein and leg. Leg yields S4 Horse...

"For those who ride dressage or want to keep your horse balanced between your aids. How many times have you heard... Keep your horse balanced against the outside rein and leg?: What does that really mean? Now you can see how we use the leg yields so that both Trudy and Ani have a better understanding of how this can make a difference"*

Those who have been following Trudy and Ani know that this is new for both of them. We have been practicing it at times, but are now focusing on it even more.... Watch what happens as they begin to connect at a new level of connection and understanding with the leg yields.

is your horse connected enough so you can keep it balanced with your outside rein and leg? What can you see happening with Trudy and Ani that will make a difference with what you are doing with your horse?