Friday, July 31, 2015

Improve your horses Halts and backing.

"How to improve your halts and backing. Those who compete, especially in dressage, know how important backing and halting can be. Now you can see what Susan is doing with Beau to improve what they are doing"

In the training process horses will learn something new, and seem to forget it. In this session we are focused on improving what Susan is doing with Beaus halts and backing. Our goal is to teach Beau how to back without using the reins. His tendency has always been to back a little crooked and either throw his nose up or down into the ground. Now that they are competing in 2nd level we need to get picker about how Susan and Beau are connecting for these movements.

How is your horse backing? Did this video give you any new ideas on how you can improve what you are doing with your horse?