Thursday, July 9, 2015

Canters. Improve yours with these exercises! 2 horses 2 levels of training

Would you like to improve the quality of your horses canter?   Watch as we add the feelings of the leg yield, shoulders in and even (new to both horses) and the beginnings of half passes. 

As you can see, our riders and horses never get bored with the training process.  We like to have fun and want to keep our horses interested in the training process. In this video (it was a windy rainy day) I challenge the riders by asking them to play more with what they are doing at the canter.  The horses are not always thrilled and neither or the riders as it is not easy to do such difficult movements on horses that are not used to them.  You will even see what happens when Susan asks Beau for his first canter pirouettes!  

Can you see how changing the exercises frequently keeps the horses thinking?  Of course, this is also true for the riders.  Are you ready to try more movements in your canter work now?