Saturday, July 11, 2015

Leg yields and canters. Trudy and Ani S4 Riding instruction

"Would you like to see how leg yields can help you pick up the correct lead?  In fact, using leg yields can also improve your transitions and just about anything you are doing with your horse"

In this session Trudy is asking Ani to stay more connected in the canter transitions.  To do this she is focusing on adding the feeling of a leg yield so that Ani learns to stay against the outside rein and leg.  We start with the canter trot transitions and finish with Trudy feeling how the outside rein (and leg) used like a leg yield can improve Ani's circles. It was a very windy day the time of this video and I was using a new camcorder. You will hear the wind blowing...

Are you ready to try adding the leg yield to what you are doing with your horse?  Try these techniques and let us know how they work for you.