Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hot nervous horse. Learning how to canter relaxed S4 Horse Training

" rider/trainers we feel like our horses will never "get" what we want them to do. Melody is a what we all a "complicated horse. She has lots of serious issues that we have been working through. Finally, after several years, she is staying somewhat relaxed at the canter"

Many people find that they have horses with "issues" in their past training or in what they are trying to teach them to do. This is common and part of our training journey. Those who have been watching Melody's process know what a challenge she has been. In this video we are focusing on her canter work. It is so much better now than in past years but still has a ways to go. In the past Melody could not canter on the correct lead at all. She had serious issues and was in fact a little on the dangerous side. Now she can hold the canter much longer and has lost most of her anxiety about the riding process.

How has watching what Trudy has been doing with Melody made a difference with what you are doing with your horse/horses? Re training a horse with issues does take time, but as you have seen, is possible. You can see more videos of Melody's progress in the last 4 years by checking out the Playlist area of this Youtube channel.