Wednesday, July 8, 2015

2 horses 2 levels. Halts from trot and walk. S4 Riding instruction

"Halting.  One of the hardest exercises for any rider to do correctly. Would you like to improve how your horse are doing theirs?  Now you can watch as I work with 2 riders of different training levels and how I show them how to prepare for the transitions into and out of the halts"

In this session you will see the difference between a training level halt and a horse with a little more experience.  Even though the horses are at different levels of training, the process we use for teaching them the halt is the same.  It's all about the preparation and waiting for the horse to respond to what we are asking it to do.  This was a windy rainy day and I am experimenting with a new camcorder...

What did you learn from watching our riders working on their halt transitions?  Are you ready to try this on your horse or with your students?  Tell us how it works for you.  It is your feedback that inspires us to share the training process of these riders.