Thursday, October 9, 2014

Walk. Improving the balance and connection of shoulder in and half pass ...

"Shoulder in's and half passes. Have you wondered how to ride a shoulder in or half pass?  They can be easier than you think by adding circles to get the correct feeling and balance?"

Now you can watch as Susan focuses on improving the quality of Darrien's shoulder in's and half passes at the walk.  In this series we are adding circles and curves to isolate the feeling of these lateral movements.  This encourages Darrien to step under more with his hind feet which will also help him to "sit down more" (dare I say the say collection?) and keep uphill in his balance. 

This was filmed 3 weeks before the USDF Regional Championships where Susan competed Darrien in the AA Intermediate 1.  They came in 3rd place.   

Have you tried adding circles or curves to your shoulder in or half pass?   This is also a great way to get the feeling of doing them if you are new to riding them.