Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Halts. Backs from walk to trot. Dressage training

"Have you noticed that sometimes it feels like your horse has forgotten what you have taught it?  This week Beau has decided that he wants to back his way. Now you can see what we do to bring him back."

In this session we are focused on the walk trot transitions in and out of the halt and back.  Beau had been backing easily and on a light rein until this past week.  He decided to change the rules and at the time of this filming is leaning on the reins and dropping his nose to his knees at times.  We were preparing for the Regional Championships and so this was a little concerning. Now you can watch what Susan does to isolate where that issue came from.  This happens to all riders.  At some time or another it is like their horses go backwards in their training and we need to bring them back to where they are.

Have you noticed that your horse seems to have gone backwards in it's training at times