Friday, October 31, 2014

Riding Position. Stop riding with your heels! How to use your lower leg...

"In the old days we were taught to use our heels to get a horse to move forward or sideways. Those who use spurs, also tend to use their heels. This takes the riders legs off the horse, disconnecting them from their riding position. What can you do to fix this common issue?"

The facts are, when a rider uses their heels, they often are riding on their toes, their heels come up and their entire leg rolls off the saddle from the thigh down as the rider uses the back of their leg instead of the inside. When this happens, it is impossible for the riders to keep a secure, anchored lower leg position. Now you can watch as I show Trudy how to focus on changing that habit that she has had for many years.
What do you see changing as Trudy gets a more secure feeling with her lower legs?