Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Canter. 2nd level. Improving the balance with 10 meter circles. Dressag...

"Once upon a time... someone has told you that it is possible to get a more comfortable canter with your horse. Of course, they may have forgotten how long it might take to get there... or what the rider needs to do to show the horse how to be there..."

That is where Susan is with Beau during the filming of this video It was time to ask him to connect more from behind for the balance he needs for 2nd level. To help Susan isolate the feeling of Beau being in balance (under Susan's seat) we add either circles, or bringing h is shoulder over as if he is doing a circle. This is when you will see Beau start to "round up", "go in front of the aids", "connect", "go into self carriage" "package" or what ever you might call what happens

Are you ready to change the balance of your horse's canter?