Saturday, October 18, 2014

Walk. Connecting from the back to the front. On the aids, rounding up. ...

"Why would your horse want to move up from your leg aids and into the connection of the rein? Watch as we ask this horse to connect and balance at a new level"

We spent a few months "going back to the basics" with Beau.  Now, the time has come to see if all that work has made a difference in how he responds to Susan aids.  Those who have been watching Beau know he has some issues...  unless he is in the mood, he will not move forward freely. To get him to move forward better we let him go on a looser rein. Now, it is time to ask him to step up into the rein connection and into a better balance and connection.  Beau was not thrilled...   This is similar to what happens to many riders when they start to really connect their horse and is a perfect way to show you how to do that, even on a horse that is "complicated" to ride.

Does this give you more ideas on how you can connect and balance your horse as you move up the levels?